Somewhere along the way, our culture adopted the concept that in order for children to learn they couldn’t have any fun. In  order to break this myth and to inspire children, we have launched Edutainment. At Edutainment, we truly believe that play is an integral part of children’s well-being and the best way of learning so our basic objective is to provide children with full off great entertainment.

Keeping it with our aim, Edutainment pvt Ltd with a Sony Pictures Television Networks UK have launched one of their prime children’s “POP” television channels.

TV programs which include famous International shows in both English and dubbed in Urdu that will provide an amazing and uplifting experience to them in their own language. Our shows will bring smiles to children’s faces while they entertain and learn through fun programs. While we initially launch our TV channel we also have plans to produce exciting programs which includes talent hunt, quiz shows, news program and plays.

POP fun TV is for all Pakistanis which will deliver culturally relevant television based programs that children love and parents trust. Our  mission is to create  long term social  change by entertaining  children, simply  a  channel full  of great entertainment.

“investing in early childhood development is investing in the roots of
economic productivity, positive outcomes, and a strong civil society”